Corey Wallace at Sigma1 has an excellent post on something that has not been really covered in the English-speaking media (which is why I’ve totally missed it.) The LDP is proposing a permanent law, superseding previous stop-gap laws, governing Self Defense Force deployments overseas.

Dispatch of SDF forces would be acceptable under these circumstances:

(1)  When there is a United Nations Resolution;

(2) A request by an international organisation;

(3) a request by one of the parties involved in a dispute/conflict; and

(4) When it is judged necessary in order to contribute to the wellbeing of the international community.

Perhaps more interestingly, the law clarifies the use of weapons – essentially Japanese troops would be able to use weapons to defend other troops and assumedly themselves. This was obviously a big point of contention in Iraq where Japanese SDF forces needed armed escorts from other countries as they were not permitted to use weapons unless fired upon first.

Go read the whole thing, and add Sigma1 to your RSS reader.

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