The Maritime Self Defense Force’s latest destroyer, JS Teruzuki, was launched September 15th. Teruzuki was launched six months after the lead ship in her class, Akizuki. Here’s a picture of Akizuki during sea trials.

JS Teruzuki:

Teruzuki, DD-116.
- Launched at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipyard in Nagasaki.
- Second of five ships of the class to be built.
- To be commissioned in 2012, third and fourth ship in class to be commissioned in 2013.
- Displacement: 5,000 tons, fully loaded 6,800 tons.
- Maximum speed: 30 knots
- Electronics:  OPS-20C search radar, OYQ-11 ACDS, FCS-3 AAW System, OQQ-22 ASW System, NOLQ-3D EW System
- Armament: 1 Mk. 45 5″ gun,  4 x 2 sets of Type 90 anti-ship missiles, 32 vertical launch silos for missiles (Enhanced Sea Sparrow, ASROC), 2 triple tube HOS-303 324mm torpedo mounts
- Aviation complement: 2 SH-60 helicopters
- Equipped with ATECS battle command system

JS Teruzuki was previously known during development as 20DD.

Thanks to Susumu at Surveillance To Go Nowhere for the link.

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