A variety of videos about the ATD-X fighter, or Shin-Shin.

This video appears to be of a flying scale model produced by TRDI, the Ministry of Defense’s research and development wing — something like DARPA.

Here’s an all-CGI video that presents Shin-Shin from an obnoxious number of angles. Fortunately, it also forsakes a power rock or film soundtrack for something that sounds like it came from an airline commercial.

This video has a quick look at the thrust vectoring control nozzles.

Finally, a decent all-around video that offers glimpses of the engine and systems integration. Decent if you don’t mind a lack of an explanation for anything and are willing to figure things out yourself.


- ATD-X looks like a combination of the F-15J and F-35.

- Look at the size of the cockpit compared to the rest of the aircraft. The plane is really quite small, which suggests (to me, anyway) it’s optimized as an interceptor. It appears to small to have an internal weapons bay that would accommodate the latest anti-ship missile, XASM-3.

- Shin-Shin…it sounds like a Chinese panda.

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