Pics have emerged of the XP-1 maritime patrol aircraft equipped with Type 91 anti-ship missiles.

The Type 91 anti-ship missile is roughly equivalent to the American Harpoon, and is deployed on JMSDF ships (SSM-1B), planes (ASM-1), and even by the GSDF (Type 88) on land.

XP-1 appears to sport a total of four hard points for missiles.

Type 88.

A rough comparison of Type 91 – class missiles.

Name ASM-1 / Type 91 (JPN)   Harpoon (US, JPN) C-602 / YJ-62 (PRC)  
Warhead 270 kg  221 kg  300 kg
Max. Speed  1,150 km/h  864 km/h  Mach .9+
Range  200 km  280 km  400 km
Delivery Air, Surface  Air, Surface, Sub Surface  Air, Surface


H/T: Alert 5.

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