JASDF RF-4J reconnaissance aircraft.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano yesterday stated the perfectly obvious.

“If other countries invade the islands, (Japan will) invoke the right of self-defense and remove them by making any sacrifice,” Edano said during a session of a special Diet committee.

Edano was apparently referring to China’s naval activities in the region and collisions between a Chinese trawler and Japanese patrol boats last September near the Japanese-administered islands in the East China Sea, which are also claimed by China and Taiwan. (Link)

Edano went on to elaborate:

“We legitimately control the Senkaku Islands. They are different from the Northern Territories or Takeshima,” Edano said, referring to Russian-held islands off Hokkaido and South Korean-controlled islets, respectively, using the names employed by Tokyo in claiming sovereignty over them.

A pity that he had to get more specific and mention Dokdo/The Liancourt Rocks/Takeshima by name — someone in South Korea will probably lose a finger over that.

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