JS DD-110 Takanami

JS DD-110 Takanami (Source: MSDF)

First, I just want to warn you that the videos below are all in Japanese. They feature the popular Japanese comedian and presenter Tamori with Guadalcanal Taka and Takeyama Takanori touring the MSDF’s destroyer Takanami in port in Yokosuka. I saw this segment on TV, and I’ve kept a mental note to try and find it – my only regret is that I don’t have the time to subtitle it for you, but instead I’ve tried to highlight some key parts with time-codes. The whole segment is based around exploring the top 20 things about the ship, so I have focused on these points.

Part One

Sadly, there is a gap between the start of #13 and the start of #7 where we catch them talking to enlisted personnel , which is where we pick up below:

Part Two

  • 02:25 – #6: Officers bathroom
  • 02:40 – #5: Officers mess
  • 05:00 – #4: Control room
  • 06:40 – #3: Engine room
  • 08:05 - #2: Takanami special curry
  • 10:30 - #1: The Command Information Center (CIC)
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