Comox-based CP-140 Aurora. Creative Commons photo, Flickr user Scratch.

This week the Maritime Self Defense Force and Air Self Defense Force are engaged in exercises with Australia and Canada.

- At 19 Wing Comox, on Canada’s west coast, a detachment from VP-3, Naval Air Facility Atsugi are spending a week with their Canadian counterparts of 407 Maritime Patrol Squadron. The MSDF team consists of 3 MSDF P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft, including 62 MSDF personnel. 4o7 MPS flies CP-140 Aurora aircraft, essentially rebranded Orions.

- At Misawa Air Base, Royal Australian Air Force F-18 Hornets returning from Red Flag Alaska are in joint exercises with ASDF F-15s. The Hornets, from No.3 Squadron, NSW are in the middle of a four day layover before returning to Australia.

ASDF to RAAF: " do you like those Hornets?" RAAF F-18 Hornet, NSW. Creative Commons photo, Flickr user Leorex


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