Model maker Tasca has announced the latest GSDF tank to be released in plastic model kit form, the M4A3E8. The M4A3E8, considered ultimate version of the Sherman tank, served with the U.S. Army in World War II, as well as the Korean War. Here’s a pic of the cover art, courtesy the excellent Perth Military Modeling Site.

Via Perth Military Modeling Site

The Japanese plastic model company Tamiya has traditionally released GSDF tank kits, starting with the Type 61, then the Type 74, and followed by the Type 90. However, Tamiya has never released the first tank to enter GSDF service, the American M4A3E8 (aka the “Easy Eight”). Now another Japanese kit maker, Tasca, has announced a kit of the GSDF M4A3E8. This completes the roster of main battle tanks that have served with the GSDF, the only exception being the brand-new Type 10.

You can preorder a copy of the GSDF M4A4E8 here.

Type 61.

Type 74.

Type 90.

The Type 61 and Type 74 kits are rather dated, lacking in detail to modern kitmaking standards. The Type 90 is supposed to be a very decent kit. That having been said, I haven’t built any of them. I will be building the M4A3E8, though.

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