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The East-West Center in one of its Asia Pacific Bulletins has a 2 page report by Stimson’s Yuki Tatsumi that sums up the current situation in the US-Japan alliance as well as any. Tatsumi argues that the long list of “Common Strategic Objectives” that was produced after the 2+2 meeting probably revealed that the two countries not only share a number of strategic interests, but also share a lack of leadership initiative. She is also pessimistic in regards to whether anything will happen in the near future.

Yuki Tatsumi’s work in general is worth reading as while she is quite hard-headed in her analysis, her work is also refreshing in that she does not back away from alliance establishment “common sense” assumptions – in this case the assumption that the current mess is solely attributable to Hatoyama Yukio’s naivety (as easy as it is to attribute to the man and his naivety all sorts of ills).

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