Fuji News Network published this great feel-good story the other day. You can watch the video at FNN’s site, below is a translation of transcript (edited for relevance as prose):

Miraculous Survival of Goldfish in a School Struck by the Disaster, Reunited with Children

Goldfish Surviving in an Abandoned Fukushima School

Goldfish Surviving in an Abandoned Fukushima School (Source: FNN)

In a school in Fukushima damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster, miraculously surviving goldfish were reunited with the children.

On May 28th, 78 days since the disaster, in a school approximately 6km from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant, the Self-Defense Forces were in the middle of performing a search when they discovered the miraculously living goldfish.

Their pump had stopped due to the blackouts and they had no food, but 11 goldfish survived in their tank.

The Self-Defense Force members took the fish back to Camp Fukushima, keeping the goldifsh until, on June 26th, they were reunited with the children after three and a half months apart.

Inside the tank, new lives had been born.

A place for the fish to be kept was prepared by the children living scattered about the evacuee centers surrounding Camp Fukushima, and they will continue to be raised within the camp.

One child commented, “It reminded me of us all looking after the fish together.”

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