The Mainichi reminds us that cheaters never prosper:

ASDF Houfu Minami Air Base, Yamaguchi Prefecture: SDF Member Who Falsified Number of Training Days Discharged

Col. Keiko Kashiwara (57), Commander of Houfu Minami Air Base and the first female ASDF base commander.

Col. Keiko Kashiwara (57), Commander of Houfu Minami Air Base and the first female ASDF base commander (Source: Asagumo)

On July 23rd, it was announced that a male Technical Sergeant (37) of the Air Basic Training Wing at Air Self-Defense Force Houfu Minami Air Base will be suspended from the 30th for lying about the number of training days he attended and altering receipts to hide his absence from work.

According to authorities at the base, the man received accountancy training in March at GSDF Jyujyo Base in Tokyo. During this training, the man is reported to have hurriedly reduced his schedule from 3 days, 2 nights to 2 days, 1 night without informing his superior, and spent the extra day at his home in Tokyo. His superiors discovered that the receipt from the hotel had been tampered with: where it once said “1 night”, it had been traced over to read “2 nights”.

Commander of Houfu Minami Air Base, Keiko Kashiwara commented: “It is absolutely unsatisfactory. I will endeavor to prevent a future recurrence.”

Houfu Minami Air Base is a ASDF basic pilot training center, and its commander, Keiko Kashiwara, was the first female base commander in the ASDF.

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