We’ve had a lot of tough news to read out of Tohoku this week, as well as a sci-fi turn by Kyle Mizokami. The stats show that Kyle’s examination of the SDF’s part in the defeat of Japan’s first kaiju took the top spot this week in the stats, but now it’s your turn to tell us which of the top posts in the last 7 days you most enjoyed or found interesting.

But first, last week’s winner:

Toshio Tamogami gives an address at Tokyo University's festival in 2008

Toshio Tamogami gives an address at Tokyo University's festival in 2008 (Source: Taisa1978 @ Livedoor)

Nukes, Carriers and Boomers: The Dream of General Tamogami
By Kyle Mizokami

Tamogami wants Japanese rearmament. He wants a nuclear deterrent  for Japan. He wants nuclear propulsion for ships. He wants cruise missiles to strike, for example, North Korean missile launch pads. He wants aircraft carriers, and big ones at that. In short, he wants all of the things most of the G-8 countries already have, but which are exactly the sort of thing that the Japanese government and public strongly oppose.

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