A difficult day for Ministry of Defense?

A difficult day for Ministry of Defense? (Source: Miki Sato)

A second SDF member arrest has hit the papers, this time with the Sankei reporting on the arrest of a GSDF member in Tokyo:

Taking Pictures of his Crotch, SDF Member Arrested – Shibuya, Tokyo

A Ground Self-Defense Force military policeman (based in Tokyo), Leading Private YoshihiroKumagai (26), was arrested on suspicion that he stole a mobile phone from a part-time worker at a club in Shibuya, Tokyo, Shibuya Police Station announced. According to the police, Kumagai has accepted his charges, saying, “I did it for a prank.” Using the phone, Kumagai took a photograph of the lower half of his body.

The suspect, on the morning of May 20th, took the phone from the staff room of a club in Shibuya Ward. The stolen phone belonged to a woman in her 20s working part-time at the club.

According to the police, when Kumagai left the staff room, a male worker at the club called after him after seeing that he was carrying a girl’s mobile phone. At the time, Kumagai was drunk.

Upon hearing of the incident, the GSDF commented, “It is regrettable that one of our members was arrested. He will be disciplined, and we will endeavor to prevent this from happening again.”

These minor incidents are unlikely to damage the recent goodwill towards the SDF, but it is not doubt a bad news day for the hard-working folk at Ichigaya today.

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