This is the closest image to a reconstruction of the event that I could find.

This is the closest image to a reconstruction of the event that I could find.

While the SDF are doing wonderful work in Tohoku under trying circumstances and with sometimes inadequate equipment, the Yomiuri today reports on one man disgracing himself:

Saving lives in the disaster area, stealing bicycles on leave – SDF Member

On May 22nd, Sendai North Police Station (Miyagi Prefectural Police) announced that GSDF Camp Iwate Leading Private, Kyohei Umino (20) from Takisawa (Iwate Prefecture), and Ryoma Kiuchi (20), a technical college student from Takamatsu (Aoba Ward, Sendai), have been arrested on suspicion of theft.

Umino was involved in rescue work for 8 days in Rikuzentakata after the Great Tohoku Earthquake, and had taken leave from May 20th.

The announcement states that at on May 21st at 9:55 pm, the two men were arrested at an apartment in Aoba Ward in Sendai under suspicion of stealing a bicycle (worth ¥8,000) from a woman in her 20s. The two men attempted to flee the scene on the bicycle, but Umino was overpowered by the woman and a male passer-by. Kiuchi surrendered himself to the police on May 22nd. The two friends admitted to the charges.

You can view the article in Japanese on the Yomiuri site.

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