Shin-Maywa US-2 Air-Sea Rescue Flying Boat

Shin-Maywa US-2 Air-Sea Rescue Flying Boat (Source: kazutan3@YCC/

A rough translation from today’s morning edition of the Mainichi Shimbun (Yamaguchi East Local Edition), available online (JP) here:

Lost: Air-Sea Rescue Flying Boat Drops Radio Parts Mid-Flight – MSDF Iwakuni Base, Yamaguchi

On 3rd May, a US-2 Air Sea-Rescue Flying Boat from Maritime Self-Defense Force Iwakuni Base might have dropped radio antenna connector components, it has been announced.

According to the base’s Public Relations Office, the lost part was 13cm in length, 46g, and made of resin. On that day, the flying boat was transporting 15 people from Iwakuni to Hachinohe base (in Aomori Prefecture) to relieve crew members of a ship involved in operations in the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster area. The plane was flying its return journey through Niigata, Okayama and other prefectures between 03:30 and 06:00 in the morning when then part was spotted falling from the plane.

So, if you happen to be in the area and spotted something falling from the sky at first light, contact your local MSDF base to hand back their missing doohickey. That is all.

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