10th Joint Logistics Task Force commander explains how the U.S. Army can help clean two train stations to Japanese Ground Self Defense Force soldiers. U.S. Army photo.

The GSDF, along with the U.S. Army Japan, has launched an operation to clear debris from the tracks and stations of the JR Senseki Line in Miyagi prefecture.

East Japan Railway Co. has been removing debris and restoring damaged railway tracks on the Senseki Line, which connects Aoba Dori Station in Sendai and Ishinomaki Station.

Due to severe damage, particularly in coastal areas, the SDF and the U.S. Army Japan decided to assist the efforts at the request of the Miyagi prefectural government.

About 40 U.S. soldiers and 16 SDF personnel removed a refrigerator and a vending machine that had been washed into Nobiru Station in Higashi-Matsushima in the prefecture by tsunami triggered by the March 11 earthquake. They also used heavy machinery to clear debris left on the platform.

The U.S. Army Japan named the operation “Soul Train.” Col. Alan Neyland, who leads the operation, said that they wanted to put U.S. and Japanese soul into the restoration of the Senseki Line.

Here’s a clip from the old show.

Hmm, that’s funny, they didn’t dance as well on the show as I remember.

In other news, Soul Train apparently aired in Japan at some point during its 35 year run.

In the immortal words of Don Cornelius, “…and as always in parting, we wish you love, peace… and SOUL!”

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