RAF No 11 Squadron Typhoon at Green Flag, USA

RAF No 11 Squadron Typhoon at Green Flag, USA (Source: Eurofighter)

According to The Dew Line, Japan has officially sent Requests for Proposals to three fighter manufacturers to provide fighters under the long-delayed F-X program. Lockheed Martin got the nod for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Boeing for the F-18 E/F fighter, and a U.K. rep “picked up the RFP for a possible bid by the Eurofighter Typhoon”. The fighters are to replace the F-4 Phantom EJ, the oldest of which are forty years old and have already begun being decommissioned.

Just a month ago, one could not have described the Eurofighter Typhoon as a “combat proven” aircraft. Now, with ongoing action over Libya, that has changed. What a difference a month makes.

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