Sheila A. Smith, at the Council on Foreign Relations’ Asia Unbound Blog, has an article on the SDF’s disaster response,”A Stunned Japan Turns to Its Military”:

But today, as the country faces a complex and simultaneous series of crises, Japan’s military has emerged as the nation’s most relied upon “first responder.” In Japan’s largest disaster relief operation ever, the SDF has every asset deployed. The Maritime Self Defense Force has 59 ships offshore, and there are a total of 176 helicopters and 319 fixed-wing aircraft engaged. Personnel total 70,000 (40,000 Ground Self Defense Force (GSDF) and 30,000 combined Maritime and Air Self Defense Force personnel), and the number is growing. For the first time in the postwar era, the Japanese government has mobilized its reserves. (Link)

The quoted exchange at the end of the post says it all, really.

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