This blog is still only 24 hours old. Please consider it a work in progress. It’ll probably take a month or two to really reach its stride.

The pic used in the header was probably cribbed from, from the estimable Tora’s steady stream of JSDF pics. I went through many pics trying to find something that would fit nicely in a 760 x 190 header, and this one made it, only to have me forget where it came from. At any rate it’s a nice shot of Type 61 and 74 tanks on the march during hanami.

I would love to make the decorative text a shade of medium red. Might take a while to get around to that. In the meantime the green is nice but incongruous. At any rate I’m not going to sweat it–I’ve ditched more blogs than I care to count because I lost interest fussing over the site design.

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