Japan Coast Guard ship Settsu. Creative Commons photo, Flckr user muzina_shanghai.

Japan Probe has a post on the latest showdown on the high seas. This time, a Japan Coast Guard ship was chased out of Japanese territorial waters (or rather, waters Japan claims, anyway) by a Chinese survey ship half its size.

The latest incident occurred on Monday afternoon in the East China Sea, about 320 kilometers northwest of Amami Oshima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture.

A crewmember of the Chinese ship, the 1,690-ton Haijian 51, demanded by radio that the JCG’s 3,000-ton Shoyo discontinue its marine survey, claiming that Chinese rules apply to the area.

The Haijian pursued the Shoyo for about three hours from around 2 p.m. and came as close as one kilometer to the Japanese vessel at one point, forcing the JCG to discontinue its survey mission.

This is the first time that a Chinese vessel has approached a Japanese survey ship and asked it to discontinue a marine survey.

How do you get chased out of your own territorial waters?

This comes after a month of provocations by the Chinese. I was willing to chalk up two incidents involving Chinese helicopters nearing Japanese ships, and a Chinese fleet sortieing near Okinawa as poorly timed assertions of growing naval power, but this is increasingly looks like a campaign of harassment.

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