Captain Hollenbeck (my host for my visit to Camp Pendleton) and his public affairs people are doing a great job uploading video from the Iron Fist exercise. The Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System is currently hosting more than thirty videos in all, covering everything from rigid inflatable boat training to weapons familiarization. Here’s a video of the Western Army Infantry Regiment viewing demonstrations of the M4 Carbine, M107 Special Applications Scoped Rifle, and M32A1 Multi-Barreled Grenade Launcher.

For some reason I’m having problems embedding the videos in blog posts, so if you want to check them out, click here. Much better than the stuff I shot, including lots of cross-communication. They’re well worth watching, particularly because it’s rare to catch the GSDF in an unscripted moment.

The weather really turned; it was a balmy 75 degrees when we were there Monday.

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