With the news about the troubled Airbus A400M airlifter program and a recent article about selling Kawasaki XC-2s on the civilian market, I was curious as to how both aircraft stacked up side by side. I haven’t really followed either program and knew very little about both. Airlift is not the kind of thing that makes me excited.

The results were a bit surprising. The source for these figures is Wikipedia. I realize that Wikipedia is a less than ideal source, but I really have no idea how to find official XC-2 numbers in English. So, treat these numbers with a grain of salt.

Better stats in bold.

XC-2: 39.3 m long x 44.4m wide x 14.2m tall
A400M: 45.1 m long x 42.4m wide x 14.7m tall

Empty Weight
XC-2: 60,800 kg
A400M: 70,000 kg

XC-2: 37,600 kg
A400M: 37,000 kg

Cargo Box:
XC-2: 16m long x 4m wide x 4m high
A400M: 17.71 long x 4m wide x 3.85 m high

Cruise Speed:
XC-2: 890 km/h
A400M: 780 km/h

Range w/30 ton payload:
XC-2: 6,500 km
A400M: 4,540

Tactical takeoff distance:
XC-2: Unknown, but requirement is for 900m
A400M: 980m

Per unit cost, May 2010 (estimated):
XC-2: $105,000,000* USD
A400M:  $226,000,000* USD (U.K., 2010)
*Not sure if either numbers include development costs.


[awkward pause]

Too bad about that arms export ban.

Airbus A400M. Creative Commons photo, Flickr user indianadinos.

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