Stephen Trimble at The Dew Line notes that the second Kawasaki XC-2 medium lifter flew today, and links to the YouTube video above. The second plane sported a medium gray paint job, as opposed to the first plane (below), which flew in the national colors. The XC-2 in the YouTube video is accompanied by a Kawasaki T-4 chase plane.

XC-2 #1. Photo via Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

The XC-2 is a replacement for the C-130 and the C-1, also a Kawasaki design. Although outwardly similar to the C-1, including rough physical configuration and a two engine turbojet approach, XC-2 is a much larger plane and a vast improvement in every respect. XC-2 particularly excels at long distance hauling. The XC-2 is reportedly capable of hauling twelve tons of cargo a distance of 6,500 kilometers, more than three times the range of the C-1, and fifty percent farther than the C-130H. This puts places such as Pakistan, most of the South Pacific (including Australia) and possibly even the West Coast of the United States within range.

The XC-2 is also superior performance-wise to the Airbus A400M, particularly in terms of cruise speed, payload, and range. And, with estimates at cost put it somewhere between $80 and $120 million dollars, it will cost roughly half as much as the A400M. Due to the ban on arms sales the XC-2 is currently not available for export, but the Japanese government is looking to sell civilian versions of the aircraft on the world commercial aircraft market.

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