In the time I’ve been running Japan Security Watch, I’ve learned a great deal about Japanese defense issues. It’s been a real education, and a lot of fun. I’ve also met some really interesting people from all over the world, particularly from Japan. That’s one of the things that I’ve enjoyed the most about blogging: meeting new people, particularly those that share my interests.

One of those people is James Simpson. I met James over Twitter and we became friends of sorts. James has a Masters in Security Studies, and currently resides in Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan. To my great delight, James kicked off this year by starting a blog of his own, Defending Japan.

James wrote about defense issues, but he also spread the net a bit and discussed foreign policy, regional matters, and in particular has a longstanding interest in the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korea. Defending Japan was the making of a great blog by a great blogger. Our two Japan blogs so naturally complemented one another, it begged the obvious question: why not join forces? I proposed a merger, and to my surprise, James immediately agreed.

As of today, Japan Security Watch and Defending Japan are merging to form the new, improved Japan Security Watch. From here on, JSW is a shared effort between James and I. Over the coming days, we’ll be integrating Defending Japan content into JSW. James will start posting here shortly. I’ll continue to do my thing, posting when I can.

I’m very excited about this. Everybody wins. James and I win in having a great blog. Readers win in expecting nearly twice as much, more varied, content.

Japan Security Watch: twice as good in 2011.

P.S. — We’ve established an official JSW account at Twitter: @japansecwatch. Separately, you’ll find us at @kylemizokami and @jamesinjapan.

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