One of the earliest articles on Japan’s 22DDH project. Basically 22DDH will be an enlarged version of the Hyuga-class helicopter destroyers. The size increase is on the order of 25%, with a flight deck around 250 meters long, and a displacement of 19,500 tons. That’s a very big…destroyer. The U.K.’s Invincible class carriers are just over 20,000 tons.

This is the only surface combatant in the 2010 budget, by the way. Pricetag is about $1.3 billion USD.

Here’s a graphic comparing sizes between the Hyuga and 22DDH.

I don’t believe the Japanese will actually put fixed-wing aircraft on it, but I do think they are intentionally heading in that direction, to at least have that option with the next generation.

As for the name…”22DDH” is short for helicopter destroyer project, Heisei Year 22″. Heisei is the name of the reign of the current emperor. Each emperor’s reign is named, i.e. MeijiShowa, etc. Heisei 22 is the 22nd year of rule by Emperor Akihito. Japan mostly uses the Gregorian calendar, but occasionally you’ll see a reference to the emperor-year.

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