The People’s Republic of China intends to establish permanent patrols by fisheries protection vessels in the vicinity of the Senkaku islands, which are claimed by Japan.

The official with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Bureau of Fisheries took the unusual step of granting an interview concerning the Senkaku issue to a foreign media outlet on Saturday, saying that China was planning measures to challenge Japan’s control of the islands off Okinawa Prefecture.

The official said fisheries patrol vessels of more than 1,000 tons would maintain continuous patrols near the islands, which are known as the Diaoyu Islands in China. (Link)

This follows the recent deployment of China’s largest-ever fisheries patrol vessel, Yuzheng-310, to the Senkakus just two months after commissioning.

In late November, China deployed the new 2,580-ton Yuzheng 310, one of the few large fisheries patrol vessels in its fleet, to the islands.

The official called the decision to deploy the ship, which was only completed in September, in waters also patrolled by the Japan Coast Guard an “unprecedented and epoch-making step.”

The Yuzheng 310 is equipped with two helicopters and is the fastest in China’s fisheries patrol fleet, with a top speed of 22 knots.

According to the article,  the Japan Coast Guard believes that its current deployments will be insufficient to counter the anticipated Chinese patrols.



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