One Chinese fisherman has died and another is missing after a confrontation between up to 50 Chinese fishing boats and the South Korean Coast Guard. A Chinese fishing trawler intentionally rammed a coast guard vessel and later capsized. The fishing boats were illegally poaching in South Korean waters.

Video above is from the incident — quite a melee.

About 50 Chinese fishing boats were illegally fishing in western South Korean waters off Gunsan city, about 170 miles (270 kilometers) south of Seoul, on Saturday when a South Korean coast guard ship approached them to try to curb illegal fishing activities, according to the coast guard.

The boat that capsized had intentionally hit the larger coast guard ship, apparently to help its compatriots sail back to Chinese waters, coast guard official Roh Sang-gue said.

Five people from the capsized boat were rescued by Chinese fishing boats while four others were plucked from the sea by the coast guard ship, said Roh. But one of four sailors rescued by South Korea later died at a Gunsan hospital, Roh said. Coast guard boats are trying to find the missing Chinese sailor, he said. (Link)

Given the aggressive fishing tactics of the Chinese commercial fishing fleet, this sort of thing was inevitable.

You have to admire the dedication of the Chinese fisherman at the :40 mark to his smoking habit, as his cigarette remains firmly plugged in his mouth while he continues to swing a long object to keep the coast guard at bay while simultaneously being sprayed with water.

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