The Japanese government has decided to cut the GSDF active duty and reserve numbers from 155,000 to 154,000.

The government has decided to cut the number of Ground Self-Defense Force personnel by 1,000 to 154,000, in the new National Defense Program Guidelines to be approved this w.eek, officials said.

The GSDF’s personnel quota has been a major focus in the drafting of the defense guidelines, which lay out a vision for the nation’s defense capabilities for the next decade.

The current guidelines, formulated in 2004, stipulate the GSDF be comprised of 148,000 regular personnel and 7,000 ready reserve personnel. (Link)

The article notes that the Defense and Finance Ministries have been going back and forth troop cuts, and that the newly announced numbers represent a compromise.

The Defense Ministry had demanded that the current 155,000 personnel level be maintained, while the Finance Ministry argued the number be reduced to 148,000.

Noda and Kitazawa finally compromised on the reduction of 1,000 regular personnel.

Remind me not to let the Finance Ministry negotiate for me the next time I buy a car.

A cut of 1,000 is not a big deal. The much larger issue is that it’s time to completely revamp the Ground Self Defense Forces and significantly expand the reserves. More on that later.

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