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Japan is upgrading all four of its E-767 AWACS aircraft with new electronics suites. According to FlightGlobal, the kits, known as RSIP (Radar Systems Improvement Program):

“RSIP increases the AWACS aircraft’s radar sensitivity, allowing it to detect and track smaller targets,” the company said. “It also improves the radar’s existing computer with a new high-reliability multi-processor and rewrites the software to facilitate future maintenance and enhancements.” (Link)

Flightglobal also notices something else: the RSIP kits are four years old.

“The latest announcement is apparently related to a similar one from 2006 that is listed on the DSCA website and which includes Japan’s original request for the four RSIP kits. A 2006 press release from Boeing said that the company had won a $108 million contract to deliver RSIP kits for Japan’s E-767s.

Later it adds:

The [U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency] offers no reasons for the time lag between the original purchase and the current request for installation and checkout.

In addition to the E-767, the Air Self Defense Force operates 12 E-2C Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft.

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