Richard Smart at Tokyo Digital Journalism has been going through the Wikileaks Cablegate logs for references to Japan. See his work so far here. Here’s a sample:

The current retaining wall was constructed 4 years ago by a Japanese NGO. The retaining wall failed with the previous heavy rains and eroded away 3 acres of farm land. The villages irrigation ditch was also washed away that supplied water for all farmland in the village, a total of 5,000 gerubs (2,200 acres). The villagers grow wheat in the winter and their summer crops are tomatoes, okra and eggplant. The main source of income for the village is through the sale of their crops at the market. The primary school is located about 20-30 meters from the creek bank and is in jeopardy of having the earth eroded from underneath it during the next rainy season.


Thanks and well done, Rich.

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