JSW chum Corey Wallace at Sigma1 writes that the Democratic Party of Japan is looking into bringing back words that refer to Japanese military personnel overseas. Wallace cites an article that says:

A foreign and security policy panel of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan has drafted a proposal calling for restoring old military terms for the Self-Defense Forces, sources close to the matter said Wednesday. These Japanese-language terms had been used for the imperial Japanese forces before the end of World War II and have been carefully avoided for the SDF in line with the war-renouncing Constitution……The draft proposal also seeks to have the emperor attest the appointment of the Ground, Air and Maritime SDF chiefs of staff and the joint staff head and meet with SDF troops sent on overseas peacekeeping missions more frequently. (Link)

Corey himself notes:

陸自の普通科(post WWII term for GSDF infantry in Japan) will become「歩兵」which is the similar word used to refer to the infantry of overseas forces, Colonel -1佐 will become 大佐、Lieutenant Colonel -2佐 will become 中佐, and so on. At the higher levels, 将官 (general) will become 大将, 中将 etc. 、統合幕僚監部 (Joint Staff Office) will become the conventional 統合参謀本部 (Joint Chiefs of Staff). 運用 (Operations) will become 作戦 (tactics, strategy), and the SDF police  警務官will become the 憲兵 (military police – yes, bringing back the infamous kempeitai).

The Japanese are laying the groundwork for the deployment of expeditionary forces.

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