Japan has a new battlefield UAV.

The cylindrical robot is about 20 inches across. It houses a high-speed propeller system for propulsion, while four small wings allow it to move up and down and in every direction. The drone is equipped with high-power cameras and GPS tracking. It can fly for about 30 minutes at a time. (Link)

Kind of a meh design. The UAV resembles Honeywell’s XM156 Class I “T-Hawk” UAV for the US Army. Despite being developed after T-Hawk, the Japanese UAV appears inferior to its American cousin. The Japanese UAV is larger than T-Hawk, and has a 25% shorter endurance time. The placement of the camera/sensor module at the top of the Japanese UAV means it can’t look straight down.

Here’s a video of T-Hawk which gives a good overview of the capabilities and roles of small-unit hover UAVs. Note that the soldier giving the demonstration says that he would prefer T-Hawk have a longer endurance time than the 40 minutes it currently has.

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