Philip Shetler Jones writes in with a tip about a new government panel to address peacekeeping operations (PKO):

The PM’s office is establishing a panel on PKO, similar to the ‘kondankai’ set up to look at the Taiko, but including former Defense and MOFA officials. It is said to be taking account of the changes in PKO over the 18 years since Japan’s 1992 PKO law and is expected to look at ways of increasing Japan’s contribution. Relaxation of the 5 principles governing Japan’s participation are expected to be on the table. The kondankai met for the first time on 29th and is due to report by year end (Link-日本語

For reference, here are the five principles of Japanese peacekeeping operations:

(1) a cease-fire must be in place;
(2) the parties to the conflict must have given their consent to the operation;
(3) the activities must be conducted in a strictly impartial manner;
(4) participation may be suspended or terminated if any of the”above conditions ceases to be satisfied; and
(5) use of weapons shall be limited to the minimum necessary to protect life or person of the personnel.

Here’s a link to the Minister of Foreign Affairs page discussing Japan and peacekeeping.

Thanks, Philip!

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