According to some Chinese scholars, in addition to the Senkakus, Okinawa too should be Chinese:

More than a few Chinese scholars are beginning to claim Okinawa as Chinese land by writing numerous academic papers in Chinese journals, though they are still in a minority among historians.

Xu Yong, noted professor of history at the Beijing University, is among scholars whose work presents the Chinese case. Xu was a member of the Japan-China Joint History Research Committee, set up in 2006 under an agreement between then-prime minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Hu Jintao. This was an attempt to salvage bilateral relations that dived during the time of Abe’s predecessor, Junichiro Koizumi, and his regular visits to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine memorializing Japan’s war dead (including Class A war criminals such as Hideki Tojo).

Xu has said in research papers and recent symposiums that the issue of sovereignty over Okinawa is unsettled because the Qing Dynasty of China did not approve when Japan abolished the Kingdom of Ryukyu and set up Okinawa Prefecture in 1879.

The US put Okinawa under its control after World War II on the Potsdam Declaration without any legitimate basis in international law, Xu has said. He has claimed that the abolition of the kingdom by the Meiji government in 1879, US control over Okinawa even after the war and Okinawa’s reversion to Japanese sovereignty from US occupation in 1972, were all illegitimate, which in return affirmed China’s right to claim Okinawa.

As the article says, this is by no means the prevailing view in China. I am curious though how long it will take someone in China to claim the west coast of the United States.

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