MV Izumi. Rotterdam Bulk Terminal photo.


Via Eaglespeak:

On the afternoon of 10 October, the owners of the Panama-flagged MV IZUMI reported that they had received an automatically released distress signal indicating that the vessel was likely to be under pirate attack.

The Danish warship HDMS ESBERN SNARE of the NATO counter piracy force was dispatched to intercept and investigate.

In the early hours of 11 October the captain of the vessel made contact with the Danish warship, stating that pirates were in charge of the MV IZUMI. (Link)

The vessel has since been located anchored off a port in Somalia:

Japanese cargo ship hijacked in Kenyan waters at the weekend has been located anchored off a Somali port town regarded as a pirate stronghold, a Japanese media report said Wednesday.

The whereabouts of the 20 Filipino crew of the Panama-flagged 14,000-ton Izumi were unclear, Kyodo News said citing a European military official. (Link)


Japan’s transport minister Sumio Mabuchi on Tuesday said Tokyo was “nervously” watching developments while cooperating with the International Maritime Organization in dealing with the suspected pirate attack.

Dear Japan…try to show some steel in adverse situations. How is anyone supposed to take Japan seriously when a bunch of illiterates with AK-47s makes it “nervous”?


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