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Japan has canceled plans to modify F-15J air superiority fighters for the reconnaissance role:

Under a package of contracts signed in fiscal 2007 and 2008 in the total amount of 10 billion yen, Toshiba is required to deliver the fighter between September and October after adding optical and infrared cameras and other reconnaissance devices to its bottom part.

Failing to procure necessary parts from abroad, however, Toshiba asked the ministry for permission to delay the delivery until spring 2012.

The ministry declined the request on the grounds that Toshiba will be unable to clear the required reconnaissance capacity in the absence of necessary parts even if the delay is permitted, officials said. (Link)

This comes as Japan announced it is considering buying Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles. The Toshiba contract was worth 10 billion yen (roughly $100 million USD.) Japan will continue to use its aging RF-4E reconnaissance planes instead.

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