It’s the same people that are giving Japan a hard time right now…

- General Nikolai Makarov, Chief of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff, just wrapped up a visit to Japan.

“The program of the visit includes meetings with his Japanese counterpart Gen. Ryoichi Oriki and Japan’s Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa,” the ministry said in a statement.

The agenda of the talks will focus on Russian-Japanese military ties and security in the Asia-Pacific region. (Link)

- 20 servicemen from the People’s Liberation Army will be visiting Japan later this month as part of an ongoing cultural exchange program.

“We are not worried. This is the tenth time we’ve done this project and have done it when there have been bad winds in the past, but we were able to overcome them each time,” said Ippe Ko, one of the program organizers at the Sasakawa Japan-China Friendship Fund, the Tokyo-based organization sponsoring the trip. “We recognize that it doesn’t come at the best time,” she added, acknowledging the overseas visitors arrive amid an unusually low point in diplomatic relations. She said that they have not heard any concerns expressed from their counterparts in China and both sides are proceeding as planned.

A group from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces traveled to celebrate the same event in China in mid-June. Slightly more than 100 Japanese SDF have visited China and 187 PLA members have come to Japan in the program’s 10-year history. (Link)

I don’t know…letting China cancel a trip for 1,000 Japanese students to the Shanghai Expo and then turning around and letting 20 uniformed PLA enter the country…I suppose that’s called taking the high road.

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