USS Michigan, Yokosuka Japan. Department of Defense photo.

USS Michigan, a cruise missile-firing nuclear submarine, has surfaced at Yokosuka Naval Base, outside Tokyo.

This was actually on Japanese news last night, but because I couldn’t understand what the newscaster was saying (they were rolling video of the stern of Michigan taken from a private boat) I wasn’t sure if it was news or file footage. (It didn’t help that the TV captions  that accompanied it were mostly about allegations from the LDP that the ruling DPJ party had conducted “traitorous” foreign policy in dealing with China.) Well, it was news. Michigan pulled into Yokosuka two days ago, local time.

It’s almost certainly no exaggeration to state that, in long-range weaponry, Michigan packs more conventional firepower than the entire People’s Liberation Army Navy. Properly executed, it could probably sink the entire PLAN surface fleet singlehandedly, or make all of China’s naval facilities look like part of Detroit, in an afternoon. Keep that in mind the next time someone tells you the PLAN is a big deal.

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