Pretty much everything in Japan has an animated mascot. The Tokyo subway has a penguin mascot. TV networks have mascots, neighborhoods have mascots. Hello Kitty really is the tip of the iceberg.

Blog The Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo has a post on Japanese animated mascots for the Self-Defense Forces, including “Pickles” and “Parsley”. The superimposing of a GSDF anime character over Lynndie England at Abu Ghraib is especially kawaii.

Japan Focus has a very long post on Pickles and Parsley.

(Sorry, Japan Focus, but coming from a country that spends $700 billion a year on defense, has 3,000,000 people under arms, and is involved two wars, I just can’t get hysterical over cartoon characters. Have you considered the fact that’s all you have to get worked up over a sign things aren’t as bad as you think?)

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