The crew of the Minjinyu 5179 has been released and sent home on an airplane chartered by China. The captain is being held, however, on suspicion that he deliberately crashed into two Japanese Coast Guard ships.

China has suspended talks on joint resource development and territorial claims in the Senkakus until the captain of the fishing boat is freed.

This weekend the Japanese investigators towed the fishing boat back to where the collisions occurred to re-enact the incidents. (Link)

China has dismissed the investigations as, “illegal, invalid, and vain.” (Link)

China summoned the Japanese ambassador to Beijing and warned him that Japan should “not misread the situation and make a wise political decision”. China summoned the ambassador at midnight.

Activists from Hong Kong and Macau planned and then abandoned a joint trip with Taiwanese activists to the Senkaku islands. Apparently the activists had not been honest about the purpose of their visit to Taiwan. Fishing boat operators in northern Taiwan were reluctant to take the activists to the Senkakus anyway due to worries the Japanese might impound their ships. The Taiwanese activists — of which there appears to be only two — left Taiwan Tuesday.

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