Interesting article from Reuters about the curious dilemma Japan finds itself in with China. China is Japan’s #1 trading partner, and Japan increasingly finds itself dependent on the Chinese market for economic growth. On the other hand, China is also becoming Japan’s #1 potential adversary.

Japan’s exports to China topped those to the United States last year, accounting for nearly 20 percent of all its exports.

That figure will probably rise to 35 percent by 2026, when China will likely oust America from the top global spot, said Chi Hung Kwan at Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research.

Japan’s direct investment in China has also soared, exceeding 70 percent of its investment in North America last year, with more and more goods being made for local sale, not export. (Link)

On the other hand:

A survey by the China Daily in August showed that 52.7 percent of Chinese respondents saw Japan as a military threat, while 70.8 percent of Japanese felt the same about China.

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