In Africa, of all places.

The 40-million-dollar base expected to be completed by early next year will strengthen international efforts to curb hijackings and vessel attacks by hordes of gunmen from the lawless Somalia. (Link)

This article from the Japan Times describes what is being built. Apparently $40 million will pay for a tarmac for two Orions, support equipment, and housing for about 150 personnel.

The article also says that the Japanese were staying in American living spaces and renting space on the tarmac, but the Americans asked the Japanese to build their own accommodations. With the Americans spooking about the Horn of Africa, doing all sorts of secret things, that’s not surprising.

You can rule out the influence of the Djibouti-Japanese lobby, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ numbers, there are only five Djiboutians in all of Japan.

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