A few months ago the hotline between the Japanese Prime Minister’s office and the Chinese Premier was re-established. Now China is signaling it would like a hotline at a lower level to prevent or, failing that, defuse confrontations or at sea.

“We have set up communication systems with the United States and South Korea, although the mechanisms are different. We have no (such arrangement) with Japan only, and there have been problems,” a Chinese diplomatic source said.

While both Japan and China believe it necessary to build a system to prevent a clash between their countries, Tokyo intends to reject any measure that would lead to restrictions on its surveillance and monitoring activities at sea, the sources said. (Link)

Here’s something interesting:

But there are differences to be overcome, such as Tokyo’s call for the hot line to be set up between the defense ministers, whereas Beijing considers such a level too high to respond promptly to emergencies, the sources said

It sounds like Tokyo wants to make sure the civilian leadership is in the loop. China, on the other hand…who knows who is in the loop?

Speaking of which, Feng at China Air and Naval Power has a great article on Chinese maritime law enforcement boats. Check it out.

Haixun-class 1,500 ton patrol ship. China Air and Naval Power photo.

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