The Mainichi Daily News has a great article about the Chinese anti-piracy naval task force in the Gulf of Aden reaching out to the Japanese task force.

It was right after a Chinese Navy fleet passed through the waters near Okinawa’s main island, alarming Japanese officials, while the United States was increasingly becoming wary of China after it called the South China Sea one of its “core interests.” However, as Minami and four other MSDF officials stepped aboard the Guangzhou, which was anchored off the Gulf of Aden on an antipiracy mission, Zhang and other Chinese officers welcomed them with unexpectedly smiling faces.

According to Minami, the MSDF officials were led into a meeting room aboard the ship, where a small Japanese national flag and a Chinese counterpart of the same-size adorned the table. (Link)

This is great news, but China’s bipolar behavior towards its neighbors is more than a bit puzzling. You can’t harass a foreign navy in one ocean and talk friendship and cooperation in another at virtually the same time. Hopefully this is something China will grow out of as it looks farther outward and sheds the old Cold War suspicions and paranoia.

Captain Takanobu Minami, commanding officer of the Japanese task force, said it best:

“It is important for China to carry out its responsibilities to the international community. To bring them out in the arena and get them committed to it is what counts,” Minami stressed.

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