Training Squadron tour route.

Last month, this blog visited the Training Squadron of the Maritime Self Defense Force as it stopped in San Francisco. The Training Squadron, consisting of the training vessels JS Kashima, JDS Sawayuki, and JDS Yamagiri, was on the second leg a round-the-world goodwill cruise. As JDS pal Scott Heinen said, it’s good to see them supporting “Join the Navy, See the World”.

At the time of the San Francisco visit, as the official handout showed above, a trip to China was anticipated but the details hadn’t been worked out. Last week, as the Squadron was in Baltimore, it was announced that it would visit the Chinese port of Qingdao. Qingdao is the headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army Navy Northern Fleet.

Let’s hope that despite the recent unpleasantness the PLAN rolls out the welcome mat and gives the MSDF a hearty welcome. Or, at the very minimum, doesn’t revoke the invitation at the last minute.

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