JDS Mochishio. US Navy photo.

RIMPAC 2010 is wrapping up, and the final exercise involved JDS Mochishio, a diesel electric submarine of the Oyashio class, and  South Korean submarine Lee Eogki stalking the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. Japanese submarines have stalked American carriers before, but this time, nobody got sunk.

Diesel electric submarines from Japan and South Korea stalked the U.S. aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan in the final phase — simulating a growing undersea worry as nonallied nations build up their stock of quiet subs in the Pacific.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, U.S. Navy Vice Adm. Richard Hunt said the training encounters were still being reviewed, “but I will say that the Reagan did very well — moved quickly and smartly out there at sea.”

He added, “The diesels (submarines) that came are incredibly capable and presented tremendous challenges throughout the exercise. (They) provided some of the best training that we had.” (Link)

This was something that JSW reader D.E. Reddick predicted would happen.

One more nugget from the article is the premise of the exercise:

Country “Orange” ignores all diplomatic and political requests to cease operations in country “Green,” and a sea battle ensues.

After 110 years, America’s hypothetical Pacific nemesis is still called “Orange.” “Orange” has in the past been Japan, the Soviet Union, and now China. That’s tradition for you.

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