Here’s a little video I had saved. A Japanese F-15 crash landed at Komatsu–the pilot had forgotten to lower the landing gear. That must have been quite a surprise. Apparently the tower was supposed to remind him to check his landing gear, but they forgot to do that.

I could probably find out more than that if my Japanese was better. But while I might find out a few more key facts, I would probably be compelled to read dozens of idiotic YouTuber comments, so that’s probably a wash. (Assuming Japanese YouTube commenters are as stupid as those found in the rest of the world, and I have no reason to doubt such a theory.)

One interesting thing to note: whoever heard of a news helicopter circling a crash on a military base? Hmm. According to Wikipedia, it’s a joint military/civil air field. Again, whoever heard of such a thing?

Update. Actually, I have seen such a thing. Portland International Airport (PDX) has Oregon National Guard F-15s. In my defense would say I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area, which has virtually no military presence.

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