The National Institute for Defense Studies is standing up a research cell, the mission of which will be to study the Chinese military.

It will study the strategic thinking guiding the People’s Liberation Army, the purpose of its recent military buildup and its relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, the daily said.

I don’t know the National Institute for Defense Studies. Or rather I didn’t, until just now. This is a learning blog, after all. The article mentions that it is “affiliated” with the Ministry of Defense, but the institute’s own web site says it is actually part of it.

I don’t know…doesn’t this sound like exactly the kind of thing Japan should have created a long time ago? Like, ten years ago?

I’m beginning to see that there are holes in the Japanese national security apparatus big enough to drive a truck through.

Funny bit of trivia from the NIDS web site: it was founded in 1952 as the “National Safety College”.

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