Drift racing is a national motorsport hobby in Japan. It’s not quite up there with NASCAR, but drifting has its own unique subculture and fan base.

Drifting has slowly been catching on in the United States, with movies such as “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”.

Even Cindy McCain, John McCain’s wife, does it.


Japan recently introduced the Type 10 tank. The Type 10 is Japan’s fourth generation indigenous tank design, with a 3 man crew, 120mm/44 main gun with autoloader, and a P2P communications networking system. Weighing 40 tons but packing a 1200 horsepower engine, the Type 10 achieves an impressive 27:1 horsepower to ton weight ratio. And it drifts! The action starts at 1:00, but it’s worth watching the entire video.

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