The month of June is seeing an extraordinary amount of activity for the JSDF. Consider:

Red Flag 2010
Unknown #, possibly 6 F-15J air superiority fighters (Naha and Hyakuri Air Bases, 305 Hikotai)
3 C-130H Transports (401 Hikotai)
1 KC-767 tanker

F-15J at Red Flag 2010. Photo via,

Pacific Partnership 2010
JDS Osumi

JDS Osumi. USNS Mercy in background. U.S. Navy photo.

MSDF Training Squadron (round the world cruise)
JS Kashima
JDS Yamagiri
JDS Sawayuki

JS Kashima. Kyle Mizokami photo.

Exercise RIMPAC
JS Moshishio
JDS Akebono
JS Atago

JDS Atago, and Singaporean frigate RSS Supreme. U.S. Navy photo.

FOREX (USN/JMSDF Foreign Officer Exchange) 2010
JDS Hiei

JDS Hiei and USS Mustin. U.S. Navy photo.

Exercise Undersea Warfare 2010

U.S. Navy Photo.

That breaks down as follows:

1 LST (33% of total inventory)
2 Submarines (5% of total inventory)
At least 4 Destroyers (10% of total inventory)
2 Surface Combatant Trainers (50% of total inventory)

The JSDF will be training alongside the armed forces of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Peru, Republic of Korea, Romania, Singapore, Thailand and the United States.

This paints a picture of a military fully engaged with the rest of the world, and capable of operating with other world-class navies and air forces.

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